New Circular Rolling Knife


New Circular Rolling Knife


This innovative and efficient, the cutting device is faster and more precise than scissors or a regular knife! Now, you can chop like a pro chef with the 360 Knife Cutter, that combines two of the greatest inventions known to man; the knife and the wheel. It’s the perfect Rolling Knife! 

This rolling knife features a sharp blade that’s great for cutting and chopping a variety of foods such as beef, vegetables, pizza, cakes, fruit and the list goes on.

  • SPECIAL DESIGN: The ergonomic design allows you to safely cut raw food, fast. Its 360 degree rotating design ensures well-chopped ingredients in a shorter period of time.
  • MULTIPLE USE: Slice, dice, chop and mince with a high level of precision. Cut and chop various foods evenly and easily with the unique, scissor-like design.
  • SAVE TIME: Prepare your dinner quickly and easily with this great time saver!
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: The blade will never rust and it’s sharper than other brands’ cutting utensils. Easy to grip and non-slip!
  • USER-FRIENDLY: Minimal force needed to cut various foods, therefore you can avoid excessive force and strained wrist.


Samurai 360 Knife Stainless Steel Round Knife Cutter Slicer

360 Knife Cutter contains a unique design with a 360 Degree rotating blade that efficiently cuts as it is rolled forward & backward. The ergonomic design of the handle allows you to use minimal force to achieve maximum cutting, avoiding stress and fatigue on your wrist and hand with a comfort grip handle ensuring easy use & maximum control.

Features blade cover, Tenderizing & pastry blade Includes a locking blade brake allowing you to chop like a pro. The dishwasher safe knife is manufactured to easily slice, mince, chop or cut Ideal for both right & left-hand use.


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